Old Stoneywood Church, Bankhead Road, Aberdeen, AB21 9HQ

Dear all,

This is an exciting time for us all within our community. The long search for a premises for the temple has come to fruition and the dream of a Hindu temple with a dedicated place for cultural and community activities in the North East of Scotland is close to reality. The identified building will be registered to AHTT very soon subject to us meeting the financial commitment.

The community has raised funds for AHTT through donations and other community activities in the last 5 years which has meant that there are funds for part of a deposit for acquiring the premises. The AHTT charity’s bank balance currently is £209,000.

There is now an urgent need to raise further a minimum of £150,000 to ensure the premises is ours. We would be grateful for your urgent consideration to donate liberally to this cause.

To approach banks for the mortgage, in addition to the one off donations, there needs to be ‘enough regular income’ coming into the AHTT charity. The monthly standing orders are one of the indicators of regular income and I appeal to the community to set up a monthly direct standing order – Please contact AHTT member for bank details to setup standing orders.


For further details or clarifications, please feel free to contact any of the members of AHTT team or via the Facebook page.

With Best Wishes

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