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It has been a very positive and successful year for AHTT and the Aberdeen Hindu community with huge strides being made towards acquiring a property for a Hindu Temple in Aberdeen. We are proud to inform that the community now has a premise which will function as the Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust. Thanks to the undying spirit of all the members of the community, for continually and wholeheartedly supporting us at every step through donations and active participation. This has led to AHTT now finally attaining visible success in its endeavours. AHTT are now purchasing on mortgage the Old Stoneywood church building.

The property required a change of use planning permission to be granted by the city council for being used as a place of worship and a lot of work and effort has gone into the entire process. Since putting forward the application for planning permission, the team met with the Lord Provost to appraise him with the work of the community and AHTT and also met with the Community Council at Bucksburn in order to communicate to them the objectives of AHTT and the community’s ethos in general. These have proven to be very fruitful and a very positive step forward towards building a friendly and supportive relationship with the local community and also in enhancing social integration moving forward. AHTT has featured in the community council’s published community journal. We have also had interest from the media and have featured and been interviewed by both press and television media locally. The Aberdeen City Council has now granted planning permission for change of use for Old Stoneywood Church to become functional as a religious place of worship

Following our previous newsletter earlier this year we would like to highlight the key developments and achievements of AHTT since.


In the month of September AHTT had a huge boost in donations raising £85000 in just a month, which has then carried on to a further £125K.


  •  AHTT sponsored Bathukkamma event of the Telugu community
  • AHTT also sponsored the IANES – Diwali, Dandiya
  • AHTT Food mela was held in November and helped raise £4900 to go towards temple funds

Present funds:

As of December 2019 AHTT account has a balance of £323K. AHTT has applied for and has been granted a mortgage from Royal Bank of Scotland, making the purchase of the property possible. The property costs £475K. The mortgage amount approved for lending to AHTT is £237500. We have been able to as previous years get a gift aid reclaim of £6000.

Donations and further fund requirements:

Following mortgage approval, the miscellaneous expenses of stamp duty, registration, internal repair etc. will cost a further £30,000. Along with utility bills and mortgage repayments the monthly outgoings for AHTT would be in the region of £3000-3500. This can only be possible through continued support and donations from the community. Hence, we would request the community to come forward and donate generously as they have done so far to make this a continued success. We would be happy to give the property out for hire for events and activities in keeping with the sanctity and auspices of the temple. For further information and interests please contact the team at their official email: aberdeenhindu.templetrust@gmail.com

Temple Opening: Since acquiring the property on initial lease and now on mortgage since December we have been opening the premises on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10 am to 12 noon and 5pm to 7pm in the evenings.  We are also having an auspicious New Year opening and Pooja at the temple on the 1st of January 2020.

We look forward to continued support of the community for ongoing success of the temple.