AHTT Newsletter – Winter 2020

NEWSLETTER – Winter 2020

It has been a very positive and successful year for the Aberdeen Hindu community and the Trust with huge strides been made towards acquiring a property for the Hindu Temple. We are proud to inform that the community now has a premise which will function as the Aberdeen Hindu Temple. Thanks to the undying spirit of all the members of the community, for continually and wholeheartedly supporting every step through donations and active participation. This has led to AHTT now finally attaining visible success in its endeavors.

Aberdeen Hindu Temple

We are happy to announce that purchase of the Old Stoneywood Church, Bucksburn has been successfully completed on 31st of January 2020 and the process of converting this office premises to Hindu Temple has begun.

Aberdeen city council has granted planning permission to use the property for religious use, subject to a few conditions. Some of the conditions include noise assessment and traffic management. The purification of these conditions is presently ongoing and expected to be completed in a month’s time. Following final approval, minimal renovation work will be carried out on the property.

We also met the Bucksburn Community Council to communicate our objectives and our community’s ethos in general. These have been an incredibly positive step towards building a friendly and supportive relationship with the local community and also in enhancing social integration moving forward. AHTT has also featured in the community council’s published ‘Bucksburn News’.


Since our last newsletter, AHTT has been involved in the following

  • Bathukkamma event of the Telugu community
  • Diwali, Dandiya organized by IANES
  • Food mela, held in November, raised £4900. 

Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust – Donation Form

Dear Friends,

We look forward to the support of the whole community in order to maintain celebrating various religious festivals all through the year. Due to the rising energy and maintenance costs, we kindly request you to set up regular monthly payments to help sustain this on a longer term. It costs over £5000 per month to run the temple, major expenses being priest salary, mortgage loan and energy bills for a large granite building. Please set up a monthly direct debit payment for any amount that’s possible for you.

Standing Order:
Aberdeen Hindu Temple trust (AHTT)
Royal Bank of Scotland
Account No : 00170661
Sort code : 831514


Monthly donation link via credit/debit card

You can support us in various ways, by donating online or just using us as a platform when you purchase anything online. Here is a quick guide how you can help us.

Amazon Smile – Set up us as A charity on your Amazon, or you can simply save the below link of amazon as your favourite and use for Amazon purchase.


Shop Online and Raise Money for the temple

Many many thanks for your continued support. All of these wouldn’t be possible but for the contribution from the community.

Select Payment Method
Personal Info

Donation Total: £21.00


AHTT had successfully secured mortgage from Royal Bank of Scotland, for the purchase and we needed only 50% LTV of the property. As of 16th of February 2020, our current balance is £75000/=.

Along with utility bills and mortgage repayments, we estimate the monthly outgoings would be in the region of £3000-3500. Hence, we would request you to come forward and donate generously as you have done so far to make this a continued success.

In addition to regular donations, we raise the funds in various ways including one-off donations, fund raising events such as Kilt Walk, Food Mela etc. We also actively claim the gift aid from HMRC. Last year alone, we have claimed £6000.

Temple Access

The Aberdeen Hindu Temple is in the first floor of the property, accessed via the side entrance. As of now, the Temple is open on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10 am to 12 noon and 5pm to 7pm in the evenings. 

Our aim is to provide unrestricted access to the Temple premises daily, particularly evenings. We are working towards this in terms of seeking volunteers, purification of conditions, and building facilities.

Community hall:

The ground floor of the property has the facilities to be used for community purposes. So we would be happy to let the hall for events and activities in keeping with the sanctity and auspices of the Temple. For further information and interests, please contact the team at their official email: aberdeentemplebookings@gmail.com

 Get involved

There are various ways you can contribute to the Temple and your community.

Pooja volunteering:

We would like your support and participation in the temple activities such as setting up the pooja, chanting, bhajans, etc. We look forward to your active involvement in the regular poojas from the month of March. To get involved in pooja activities such as Pooja, Shloka chanting, Bhajans/Kirtans and Aarti, please contact Om at om_kash@yahoo.com or 07894945748

Kilt Walk:

This event hosted by Hunter Foundation enables people to raise money for their chosen charity by walking either 5, 15 or 26 miles. The Aberdeen Kilt Walk 2020 is scheduled on June 7. We are a registered charity for the Kilt Walk and can either join the AHTT team of walkers or support the walkers by donations. If you are interested, please contact Mr.Vivek Rao at pvivekrao@gmail.com or our generic email ID.

Food Mela:

This popular food event has been held for last 5 years successfully. If you are interested in helping us out in our annual food festival, please contact Mrs.Shailini Vinod at shailinivinod@gmail.com or our generic email ID.



There are various ways of donations – one-off and regular monthly donations. Please fill in one of the donation forms or use our paypal link is www.paypal.me/ahtt1 or transfer directly to our bank – Sort Code : 40-01-25 Bank Account: 71429981

For any other enquiries including volunteering, please contact Mr.Devdatta Digvadekar – drd1970@gmail.com; Dr. Nitin Maheswari nitin_abha@hotmail.com or Dr. Saravana Kumar – saravankumark@yahoo.com  or generic email ID: aberdeenhindu.templetrust@gmail.com

We look forward to continued support of the community for ongoing success of the temple.


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