Welcome to the Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust (AHTT). A number of different organizations provide religious and cultural support to people of Hindu religion in Scotland. A group of volunteers in July 2014 from these organizations united under the umbrella of the Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust (AHTT) to serve the people of North-East Scotland. AHTT is a registered charitable company (SC044908) company number 469306).

As on the 31st of January 2020, after quite a few years of continued endeavour and efforts, AHTT was able to purchase of the Old Stoneywood Church, in Bucksburn as a premises for Aberdeen Hindu temple. This was followed by further efforts and work to be able to meet the council’s planning department requirements and guidelines for converting the  business place to a place of worship which has now been accomplished.

On the 1st of January 2020, AHTT had an inaugural pooja at our newly purchased Temple premises of old Stoneywood Church, which is now functional as the Aberdeen Hindu temple for the community as an outcome of the community’s aspirations and dreams and the AHTT team’s years of work towards it.

Through the very difficult times of COVID -19, since then, AHTT has been conducting and live streaming weekend poojas , meditation classes to support the community , from the temple premises.  Which have been received as a great solace to members of the community restricted in their homes during lockdown and the distress of Covid-19.

The temple has been carrying and live streaming pooja and meditation on weekends, adhering to Scottish Government guidelines.

To help the members of the community struggling through Corona virus crisis a volunteer forum of AHTT was set up and run in a well-coordinated and streamlined manner, providing help in shopping, collecting & delivering their medicines, and communicating via phone calls to people who might be isolating.

This service was very helpful and was intended for supporting the community through this time of crisis. AHTT is moving strongly and positively forward in taking steps to provide the community with religious services & community services in keeping with Covid-19 guidance from the government and Public Health Scotland and looks forward to your continued support and participation in all our endeavours. Check this space for continued updates.