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Aberdeen Hindu Temple – Events and Special Pooja

All are invited for the special poojas as below in July
3rd July Monday 6 to 7.30 PM Guru Purnima prayer and celebrations. Prashad served afterwards. Please join us.
It is the first full moon after the summer solstice in the month of Ashada. This auspicious day points the first transmission of the yogic science from Shiva (Adiyogi) to his disciples, the seven sages called Saptarishis.
6th July Thursday   6 to 7 pm  Sankata Chathurthi Ganesh pooja
13th July Thursday  6 to 7 pm  Ekadashi
14th July Friday      6  to 7 pm  Pradosham
17th July Monday    6 to 7 pm   Amavasya (Start of Aadi month)
22nd July Saturday  6 to 7 pm  Aadi Pooram
23rd July Sunday     6 to 7 pm   Shasti Shri Karthik pooja
29th July Saturday   6 to 7 pm   Ekadashi
29th July Saturday   2 to 4 pm   Rakshabhandan
30th July Sunday      6 to 7 pm  Pradosham
Everyone is invited to attend. If anyone wishes to sponsor or personally participate in any of the above special poojas at £51 please email us back.
Regular prayers at the temple:
Every day Aarti at 7.30 pm.
Every Monday Shri Somnath for all devotees to do abhishek.
Special events planned for Aadi Fridays, if interested please contact us.
Please support your Aberdeen Hindu Temple  by
1. Volunteering – email back

Bank account: Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, Account No: 00170661 Sort Code: 831514

As you know the entire world is facing a big crisis during this unprecedented time due to the COVID-19. The faith community & Charities are also facing hard time, we need your support to cover our overhead

Donate generously and support the Temple in these difficult times.

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