Temple Visit - COVID-19 guidance

We're delighted to announce that the Aberdeen Hindu Temple is open for visitors from Friday 26th of March in line with the Scottish Government COVID guidance. We have put new measures in place to provide a safe and comfortable environment to volunteers and worshipers.

This Means Opening Hours Daily for December - 10:30 to 11:30 am and 6:00 to 7pm. Entry by Eventbrite booking only

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As you know the entire world is facing a big crisis during this unprecedented time due to the COVID-19. The faith community & Charities are also facing hard time, we need your support to cover our overhead

Donate generously and support the Temple in these difficult times.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Dear Devotees,

Year 2021 has seen the global community gripped by
the pandemic and as we continue to make great
strides in progressing towards hopefully, a COVID free
world with great care, vaccine rollout and social
distancing measures, our community in Aberdeen has
shown great unity, community spirit and resilience in
overcoming and supporting each other through these
very difficult times. Our Aberdeen Hindu Temple has
not only been a result of this very community spirit
but has also through this period used its virtual
presence with the help of the AHTT team and
volunteers to reach out to the community is various
ways possible. More…..


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